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Well hey there sugar-booboo. Now what is you doin’ here at your place of work, cause I know it ain’t work.

Lafayette Reynolds speaking for the True Blood fandom.

You can stand there and count, if you want.

True Blood 06.02, The Sun

True Blood Season 6 Promo [X]



Whoa,  Anna is pretty pissed about the paps taking pics of her twins….

I don’t normally reblog paparazzi pictures of people because I don’t like the intrusion they cause but I had to reblog this. I’m glad Anna did this, I’m glad people know she is mad at the paparazzi. I think the paparazzi get away with far too much and I’ve always thought there should be a law preventing people from taking pictures of other peoples children.

Unfortunately, the only way the paparazzi will stop taking unwanted pictures of celebs in their most private moments, or their children, is if the fans stop promoting the pictures. If they have no audience, they have no reason to create the product. Which is why, this is the first and last paparazzi shot that will cross my blog. I despise it when fans think that a celebs personal life is fair game. It’s not, their acting or moments when they are promoting their product, is the only time they are ‘open for the public’.